British Car Week is an annual awareness week intended for owners of Classic British Cars to get their cars out of the garage and drive them. While doing so, all who are involved will help create awareness of the classic British car hobby in local communities wherever there is participation.
It doesn't matter whether your car is in better than new condition, or perhaps it's a less than perfect unrestored gem, we love them all! As long as it can be safely driven down the road, this is a great opportunity to show off your favorite car and take advantage of what British car motoring is all about.
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Meanwhile, if you want to drive your car and need some ideas for places to go, please take a look at the activities calendar (linked on this page) for some ideas. British car events are always a lot of fun, and a great place to meet others who share the same enthusiasm for our beloved old British transportation of the past.
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Life's a bummer without a little British car
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