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[British Car Week]

British Car Week - May 28 - June 5, 2016

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2016 Events

Be sure to contact the listing contact person to verify event information or changes that may occur.

Columbia, South Carolina - April 2, 2016
Carolina Car Show X
Columbia Speedway
Bart Lehman 803-237-7754
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Planet Earth - May 28 - June 5, 2016
20th Annual British Car Week
Please join us by celebrating the 20th Annual British Car Week!
It doesn't matter whether your car is a trophy winner or an unrestored gem, as long as it can be safely driven down the road, we'd love to have you join us by celebrating British Car Week. It's easy to do, all you have to do is get your favorite British car out of the garage and drive it. While doing so, you'll catch the eyes of all potential car enthusiasts in your community and help spread awareness of classic British cars. In turn, your efforts will help strengthen the entire hobby.
Scott Helms sportycars@britishcarweek.org
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Yosemite National Park, California - June 1-5, 2016
Yosemite Healey Week
Hosted by the Austin-Healey Association of Southern California
Steve Kirby VP@austin-healey.org
For bookings contact Janine 877-496-3052 (mention the event name)
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Chino Hills, California - June 4, 2016
Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show
Christian Addicott 909-821-1673
More Information

Cincinnati, Ohio - June 12-17, 2016
Wheels Over The River
Hosted by the Ohio Austin-Healey Club
More Information

Lake Schluchsee, Freiburg, Germany - July 24-30, 2016
UK Club Black Forest Visit 2016
The UK Austin-Healey Club is organizing a week-long tour of the beautiful Black Forest region in Germany. This event is open to all members of any Austin-Healey club.
Contact webmaster@ahcbf.org
More Information

Dillard, Georgia - September 16, 2016
Souheastern British Car Festival
Dillard House
Larry Norton 404-386-1151
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