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Adventures of Ol' Red

There once was a proud little shiny Brit car,
It was painted bright red and could be seen from afar.

The paint was brand new and the leather was fresh,
The mechanics were as tight as a clockmakers best.

Its owner was as happy as a man could be,
Because when he drove his little British car he felt so free.

Every time the two set out for who knows where,
They knew they could forget all their worldly cares.

They shifted through the gears with such great finesse,
And where they'd end up was anyone's guess.

A loop-dee-loop here and a hairpin turn there,
The straight-aways were a rev-counter redline dare.

That old farm tractor-like engine would grunt and groan,
It would rattle the wall hangings in any nearby home.

The roarty exhaust could be heard for many country miles,
It provided the lonely farm animals with some much-needed smiles.

The beautiful green landscape was a sight to behold,
Their bountiful journeys full of stories to be told.

The road ahead was full of exciting hidden treasures,
And they always chose the twisty roads just for good measure.

But then one day the owner heard a funny noise.
Ol' Red was put away in a dark place, and lost its happy poise.

The lights were turned off and the fresh air was all but gone,
What was intended to be days turned into a period much too long.

Long days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months,
When Ol' Red would see daylight again wasn't even a hunch.

All dusty and dirty, and so full of cobwebs,
Red spent years and years in that musty dark shed.

His daily activity was watching two mice,
Crawl around the interior and eat the fuzzy dice.

The owner eventually found other things to do with his spare time,
'Twas about as exciting as collecting old dimes.

Then one day while flipping through a British car magazine,
He noticed that annual British Car Week was taking place in the spring.

Ahhh, he could remember those days when he and Red had so much fun,
He knew all he needed was time to get some repairs done.

He could envision the fun of shifting gears,
Something he hadn't done in too many years.

The heel and toe driving skill that he had perfected,
He now felt very bad about the car he had neglected.

The warm summer breeze on his sun-kissed face,
A wonderful feeling that could never be replaced.

The beautiful blue sky provided by God from above,
It's all part of that great feeling of being free as a dove.

Ol' Red took him places he'd never been before,
He owed that car dearly and now it was time to restore.

The next thing you know Ol' Red was being towed,
To a place where he saw other cars in the same broken-down mode.

The sun was now beaming on its bright but faded red paint,
At last it was time to prove himself again -- he just couldn't wait.

The warmth felt so good while the sun�s rays beamed upon it,
Ol' Red knew he was being saved when the mechanic popped his bonnet.

The mechanic replaced this and then adjusted that,
The fluids were changed and he was given a new thermostat.

With a simple turn of the key, and the starter button a poke,
The old tractor engine fired up with a bellow of black smoke.

The fire inside the engine was like a hot furnace blast,
The owner hopped into the cracked leather seat, his heart pumpin' fast.

The roarty exhaust reminded everyone within earshot,
That this old car was still hotter than hot.

Given this second chance, he'd make his owner proud,
Everywhere they'd go, he'd draw a large crowd.

Even though Ol' Red was much older than before,
He was now a classic and that meant much more.

Now they were having more fun than ever,
And they truly appreciated their restored life together.

They've made a commitment they promise to never sever,
To celebrate British Car Week and pray for good weather.

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