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It's Not Just A Typical Week.....

It's a week for spending extra time with your favorite classic British car and getting it out and about among your local community to help create interest in the British car hobby. It's also a great time to think about your cars rich automotive history, and its contribution to the entire world of cars. It's an opportunity to think of all the good friends you've made while attending British car related events, and the great times you've had. It's also a time to think about returning a favor to these special cars that need our help to survive for years to come. If these cars could communicate with us, they'd surely thank us and remind us of all the great adventures they've provided for their drivers during the past century. I'd like to think this next century will be equally as entertaining, if not even more so.

These cars have had a very colorful past. Their owners tend to be the adventurous type, and for that reason these cars have seen some very exciting days. For many, the excitement continues. Unfortunately, some cars are currently sitting in a dark storage place covered up with who knows what, or heaven forbid, collecting sap under an old tree. Sadly, these are the cars that are not given the chance to prove they are still capable of providing entertainment to their owner. In many cases it's because the owner doesn't know how to work on the car, and they haven't the foggiest idea what to do to get the car ready for the road.

Many people don't realize there are local clubs with good people who are willing to help. Whether it's physical work, or good advice, there are always good people willing to help get the car safely on the road. Whether it's parts, service, or technical help, there's an abundance of choices. In other cases, there are people who don't own a British car, but have always had a passion for them. Unless they have the chance to know someone with these interests, they may never have the courage take advantage of a life-long ambition. We all know these cars require more maintenance than modern day cars, and for those not handy in the garage, owning and driving one can be an intimidating experience. Knowing there are others nearby to lend a helping hand can make a world of difference.

So for those of you who would like to spend some quality time with your good old trusted friend, be sure to keep these things in mind. Pull your car out of the garage and spruce it up, but don't stop there. Go ahead and take it for a nice long drive. Think about offering some technical help to a local club member. Take that curious little neighborhood kid for a ride in a car that he or she will never forget. Join the club you've been thinking about lately and participate in their events. Support your British car parts suppliers and buy some goodies for your car. There's no doubt about it: there's a lot of things to do with your British car. Most of all, it's about having a good time!

So top off your dashpots and put on your driving gloves. It's time to have some fun!!

See you on the road.......

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