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Connecting British Car Owners
British Car Week is an annual week for owners of British cars to get their cars out of the garage and drive them in their communities to help spread awareness of the British car hobby.
As the tradition of driving classic British cars continues, British Car Week always begins on the very last Saturday of the month of May, and ends on Sunday, of the following weekend. This year, those dates are Saturday May 26, through Sunday, June 3. You can learn more by going to Even though this annual British car awareness "kick-off" week has a beginning and an ending date, the driving season doesn't come to an abrupt ending. In fact, it is just the beginning of an exhilarating, seat of your pants driving adventure for many months to come.

Due to the cold and potentially sloppy weather during winter months, many owners have put their cars into storage. They've made good use of those wintery times making improvements to their cars and performing important scheduled maintenance to have their cars ready for the upcoming driving season. British Car Week is both a wake up call and a target date for all owners of British cars to have their cars ready for the next round of driving enjoyment. Once prepped and ready to drive, British Car Week is a great time to drive our classic cars in full force all over the world to show them off to townspeople in local communities far and wide.

Based on reports I receive every year, many drivers feel they're the only British car driver on the roads in their community. But I tell them that even though they may seem to be alone on the roads, there is a huge population of onlookers who can't help but take notice when their unique car of the past is spotted driving down the road. If not for this experience, many potentially new enthusiasts would never know about these vehicles of the past. The entire British car hobby can't afford to be forgotten.

For this reason, I like to think of our efforts to promote the hobby as "paying it forward." What better way to do so, while also having a great time!? Most of us have had the experience of having someone perform an act of kindness towards them, and they appreciate it so much that they pass it on to another person. The feeling is often as good for the giver as it is for the recipient. For every person that experiences you enjoying your car, whether it's a drive around town, or rolling it out on the driveway for a wash and a polish, they'll see a proud owner with a smile on their face having a great time with a car that is not easy to forget about anytime soon. Hopefully some of them might have enough interest to have the yearning to learn more, and perhaps become a new owner someday.

Many of the original people who were instrumental in the design and development of our beloved British classics, as well as those who helped make them well known throughout the world, are no longer with us. Original owners are becoming far and few, and their cars have either found new enthusiastic owners to care for them and enjoy, but there is also the risk of those that become abandoned in a dark and gloomy place to be forgotten about. Worse yet, maybe parked at an undesirable place outdoors to whither away.

So this year, during the week of May 26 through June 3, 2018, Pay It Forward! Take the time to enjoy your favorite British car doing what you enjoy most. Proudly show your car off to the local townspeople of your community so they can experience the joy of owning a classic British car built during a time when driving was not only pure and simple, but also seat of your pants entertaining. Plant a seed in their brain that will give them a yearning to learn more. By doing so, you just might have paid it forward to the next generation of enthusiastic British car owners who will help keep the hobby flourishing for years to come.

So grab your goggles and driving gloves, and top off your dashpots! It's time to have some fun!

See you on the road......

Scott Helms - Curator
Having a Great Time.....while paying it forward
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