Twenty Good Reasons To
Drive Your British Car

Especially During British Car Week!


Exersise your God given freedom by driving and enjoying your classic British cars in your free country. A great way for British car owners to show that we're proud of our freedom!

A great anti-virus technique. Less time at the computer and more time behind the wheel of your British car will greatly decrease your chances of acquiring one of those nasty computer viruses going around.

Meet some new friends. This is a no brainer. Getting out of the house will enable you to come in contact with other people.

Stir up the economy. There's no doubt that while you're getting your British car out of the garage for some great enjoyment, you'll eventually buy something.

Support your favorite British car related businesses and clubs. As with above, getting your British car out for regular exercise will no doubt support these in some way, shape, or form.

Extend the life of your car. Very much like humans, it's not good for a car to sit idle without exercise. Seals dry up, tires go flat, battery drains, petrol turns to varnish, and gaskets lose their resilience, causing more oil drippings on your nice clean garage floor!

Show your local government that classic cars are still very popular. If your local politicians feel that classic cars are on their way out, so much the better for them to try and sneak some new anti-smog policies. Show them we are not such a minority after all. We vote for those we feel will support our needs.

Spend some quality time with a good friend or loved one. Forget about your busy daily duties for a while and get your priorities straight. Don't neglect the one's you love, including your British car.

Get away from worldly things and relieve some stress. Forget about your worries for a while and get away for an adventure in your British car. Whether it's just a spin around the block, or a day trip to an interesting place you've never been, I guarantee you'll be glad you did it.

Educate the people around you. People are slowly losing touch with their past. Do your part to educate them about British cars from days gone by. A person cannot and will not become interested in a hobby they know nothing about or even knows exists.

Temporarily change your image. Put on a leather skullcap, racing goggles and driving gloves, and pretend you're a competitive hill climber.

Spread good will toward others. While you're tooling around in your British car, look at the faces of people passing by. Most of you will notice some exciting looks. Depending on what you're driving and what you're wearing while driving, some of you may notice some VERY interesting looks!

Prove to your nosy neighbors that you are not just an eccentric pack rat. You do have some good use for all of that stuff crammed in your garage.

Clean up your environment. For many, rolling the British car out of the garage will cause movement of things blocking it in. This will most likely promote some activity at the trashcan or recycling center.

Lower your energy usage. Turn off the television, computer, cell phone, game system, etc.... All of these things combined use more energy than a few gallons of petrol required for a drive in your British car. If you don't believe this, then let's just pretend.

Add some excitement to the streets. I don't know about you, but the daily drive in my everyday box-on-wheels can get pretty boring. But whenever I spot a classic British car driving down the road, it perks me up. Do your part to help liven thing up in your community!

Increase your heart rate for improved cardiovascular health. Medical studies show that by increasing your heart rate by doing aerobic exercise (or by driving a British car), will greatly increase your health. My heart rate always increases while sitting behind the wheel of my British car, and I'm sure yours will too!

Keep away from the things that keep you away. I won't go into detail, but couch and computer potato's may not fit into their bucket seats if they spend too much time away from their cars.

Breed happiness and improve your attitude at your work place. Driving your British car to and from work during the week will not only improve your overall before and after work experience, but may also rub off on others who might feel the need to do the same.

The most obvious reason for driving your British cars is because they provide us all with so much pleasure. They deserve our undivided attention on a regular basis. Do it for all the people, past and present, who have worked hard to keep these cars on the roads for many years to come.

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