British/American Translations

British Language American Language

Actuator Switch
Apron Valance
Balk ring Sincro ring
Big end bearing Rod bearing
Bonnet Hood
Boot Trunk
Bowden cable Sheathed cable
Brake pipe Brake hose
Bulkhead Firewall
Bush Bushing
Cam follower Lifter
Choke tube Venturi
Clutch housing Bell housing
Control box Voltage regulator
Cross head Phillips
Crown wheel Ring gear
Damper Shock absorber
Distance piece Spacer
Door casing Door panel
Drop arm Pitman arm
Earth Ground
Estate Wagon
Extactor Bearing or wheel puller
Facia Dashboard
Flat Sand
Float chamber Float bowl
First motion shaft Input shaft
Gear change Shift linkage
Grub screw Leadless Allen bolt
Gungeon pin Wrist pin
Hoist Engine crane or cherry picker
Hood Convertible top
HT lead Coil wire
Jointing compound Gasket sealant
Knot head Knuckle head
LHS ***Right-hand side

*** Americans sometime use the words "right" and "left" while facing the car when standing in front of it. The English sometime use the words "right" and "left" while sitting in the drivers seat looking foreward. To be safe, use "drivers" and "passenger" side, and make sure you specify whether you're talking about a car in Britain (right hand drive) or United States (left hand drive).....whew!

Linish Grind
Methylated spirits Denatured alcohol
Mudguard or wing Fender
Ouch! I hit my xxxxing thumb! Ouch! I hit my xxxxin' paddy!
Paraffin Kerosene
Perished Rotten
Petrol Gasoline
Pinking Knocking
Prise Pry
Proud Raised above
Quarter light Vent window
Rev counter Tachometer
Saloon Sedan
Scuttle Cowl
Self-tapper Sheet metal screw
Set screw Bolt
Side light Side marker
Silencer Muffler
Sil Rocker panel
Slaken Loosen
Spanner Wrench
Split pin Cotter pin
Spring washer Lock washer
Strip Disassemble
Suction advance Vacuum advance
Sump Oil pan
Swarf Metal fillings and crud
Third motion shaft Output shaft
Thrust bearing Throwout bearing
Valve locks Valve cotters
Washing up liquid Dishwashing soap
Welch plug Freeze plug
Wheel nut Lug nut
Windscreen Windshield
****Torch Flashlight

The following were provided by Doug McKay of Virginia Beach, VA. Compliments of Austin-Healey Magazine

Setpin Bolt
Tommy bar Crow Bar
Podger Rod or bar with weight on one end
Brass drift Soft, flat-faced punch
Annulus Ring
Cheesehead screw Raised head screw
Hardy Spicer Manufacturer name of drive shaft & U-joint
In situ In place
Packing blocks Shims or support blocks
Caged nut Captive nut
Squab Back of rear seat
Tenex fastener Snap fastener
Escutcheon Shield
Waved washer Type of lock washer
Clevis U-shaped locking pin
Grub screw Slotted bolt with no head
Gudgeon pin Tubular hollow pin split along one side
Collet Ferrule or collar
Welch plug Freeze plug
Bluecol Type of anti-freeze
Parraffin Kerosene
Circlip Snap ring
Banjo bolt Hollow bolt used in fuel inlet to carburettor
Banjo union Banjo bolt screws into this
Banjo axle Axle casing with large diameter housing for the crownwheel and differential
Bobby-Dazzler The greatest!
Onkus Incorrect
Skerrick A tiny particle
Fair dinkum Absolutely true
Dinkum oil Honest information

*** Keeping safety in mind, and depending upon which side of the pond you're on, always be quite careful when asking an onlooker for "the torch."

Do you know any more? Please share them with us.

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