British Car Week is an annual British car awareness week intended for promoting British cars everywhere. Participants don't need to travel very far for this event because it takes place in their own community. This is a calling for all owners of classic British cars to get together with other car owners in their own communities to show their cars, meet new enthusiasts, catch up with old friends, share stories about their cars, answer questions, and best of all, have a good time. While doing so, you'll have the opportunity to show your car off to the general public who rarely, or in some cases never, have had the opportunity to get a real-life, close-up glimpse of these unique automobiles of the past.

If you are already a British car enthusiast, think about how you originally became interested in these cars. Chances are you initially caught a glimpse of one driving down the road, and it piqued your interest. Later, you managed to aquire one of your own, and from that time on it has provided you with some of life's most cherished experiences. If you had not experienced that initial glimpse, you wouldn't have known about the car, and therefore, you wouldn't have been bitten by the famous British car hobby bug! Since these cars no longer populate the public roads today, it takes a special effort by current owners to help create awareness of the British car hobby. If you're a British car owner-enthusiast that has what it takes, then WE WANT YOU!

British Car Week is all about providing opportunities for potential enthusiasts to become aware of older model British cars, and hopefully generate new interest and enthusiasm among the the next generation who can enjoy and maintain them for many years to come

Pease contact your local car club staff to find what they are doing during the next British Car Week.

See you on the road......