So what type of widow would you like to be?


Lets face it, most of us have to explain to our significant other from time to time why we've been out in the garage a little bit too long, or why we've had our nose planted in a British car related book or magazine without paying any attention to a conversation that is supposed to include more than one person - then getting that "dreadful look" that sends cold shivers up your spine.

Maybe you've had good intentions to fix something that you had been reminded about a few times, but instead you got distracted. The next thing you know, you're heading down the street in what turns out to be an exciting adventure in your favorite little British car. I have to admit that I've been one of those people a time or two. Sometimes I just can't seem to keep focused on some of the things that others feel are more important in life. Sound familiar? I sure hope I'm not the only one....

Well anyway, the other day my wife and I were lounging on our living room couch discussing our workday, when she told me about a discussion she had with her co-workers. I'm still not quite sure how the conversation got started, but one of her co-workers mentioned that she was a model airplane widow and how she rarely sees her husband because he's always playing with or working on his model airplanes. Another person peeked through the rubbled landscape of her desk and said that she was a hunting widow. The fishing widow then bobbed her head up and said that her catch-of-the-day is hooked on fishing, and as a matter of fact, she said, "he's out in a row boat as we speak!"

Next, the TV sports widow pitched in with her story, then the golf widow chipped in with her slice of the conversation. Pretty soon the room full of conversation about this widow and that, and why each had been widowed by some sort of hobby that has taken their sidekick away from them. Of course, I'm sure my wife, the British sports car widow, added some petrol to the combustion of things.

The very next day I began thinking about this "widow" conversation, and how I felt that my wife should be very grateful that she's a British sports car widow. I decided that maybe these ladies should get involved with their hubby's hobbies (and vise versa of course). But then again, maybe there's a good reason they don't.....

Let's analyze some of the various hobbies that came up during the conversation:

The model airplane widow: The model airplane builder enjoys building airplanes, then takes them to an open field to test his flying skills. Once the plane has been built and is ready for flight, the trusty companion can go along to the field, pull up a chair, and then enjoy watching the plane go around and around and around for hours upon hours. If batteries or other supplies are needed, there's always a chance to volunteer for a run to the store and maybe do some other shopping while you're there. Be sure to ask for his credit card before you go.

The hunting widow: A good hunter always needs an extra hand or two for dragging the lifeless catch back to the camp. This is your chance to join in with the fun! It�s a great opportunity for some good chat, fresh air, and exercise. Once the carcass is dragged back to camp, there's the skinning or plucking, gutting, and then of course the cleanup. While doing all of this, you can enjoy the sights, the sounds, and the scent of the outdoors. Once the usable portion of the mess has been gathered up for digestion, the preparation and cooking can be a great way to spend some quality time together. Of course the feast is the best part. Just think of the great subjects for table talk!

The fishing widow: The ride in the boat to the middle of the lake is always enjoyable, and maybe he'll even let you row or steer the boat! Once you've reached your destination, you can be in charge of the anchor, then throw out your line and engage in some uninterrupted chitchat. Just think, just the two of you in the boat with nowhere else to go. Now you've got him where you want him(?), and there's no reason to get distracted. As with hunting, the cleaning and preparation are a great time to talk about the day. While you're eating dinner, you can discuss what bait to use the next time. It�s a great subject that will keep the interest up during table talk.

The TV sports widow: With today's highly entertaining commercials that take place during televised sporting events, you'll surely have an enjoyable day on the sofa. Also, the food is just around the corner and you can even help prepare it for the rest of the gang in between commercials. "Are the sandwiches ready dear?" "Oh, and by the way, can you run to the store and get us more beer?"

The golf widow: I'm not quite sure of the origins of this sport, but it has always intrigued me. Pulling a club out of a bag, then using it to hit a little white ball around a grassy field, filled with trees, bushes, water, and sand, then hoping you don't lose it (quite literally) before you can get it into a hole several hundred yards away. As with many golfers, they'd love to have a caddy to carry their clubs, or even someone to drive the golf cart. The best time for conversation of course is while everyone is gathered at the tee, because the rest of the time, the players will be scattered all over the fairway. Is this where the term "tee'd off" came from?

The British sports car widow: Other than some of the dirty maintenance work involved once in a while, this hobby can be great fun. With an endless list of places to go, and interesting sights to see on a beautiful sunny day, you can put the top down on your British sports car and head off anywhere your heart desires. Whether it's a picnic basket well stocked with your favorite goodies and a cozy place to eat, or a plan to stop at a choice restaurant on the way to or from wherever you're going, there's always something different to look forward to with each outing. The British sports car widow can sit back, relax, and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery, and help navigate or even drive the car. My wife and I have some of our best conversations while driving in our British car. She can pick out the best places to eat, the ice cream shop for desert, or even a nice, romantic, cozy spot to stop and rest during the drive. It's amazing the interesting places you'll find while roaming the back roads that are seldom traveled anymore. The possibilities are endless, and that keeps my wife and me yearning for more fun in our favorite British car.

So the next time your significant other makes a derogatory comment about your British car hobby, have her compare it with some of the other alternatives. They just might decide that being a British sports car widow isn't so bad after all! I know my wife would agree......

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